Survival Survival Games Features and Tutorials

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Survival Kits

We offer multiple kits to the Tributes for our entertainment. Use '/hg kit <name>' while on your Tribute Block to summon your desired Tribute Kit.

Full Leather Armor
A Bow
64 Arrows
2 Healing Potions

Full Leather Armor
Stone Sword
4 Loaves of Bread
2 Healing Potions

Turtle Helmet
Iron Sword
2 Healing Potions

Full Leather Armor (Jerkin with Fire Protection, Boots with Feather Falling 1)
2 Healing Potion
1 Permanent Speed Potion (Effect Cleansed at Game End)

During the Game

During the game, multiple things have a chance of happening. From various Mobs spawning to Supply Drops!

Most of the mobs will be able to spawn naturally, so you can be chased by zombies and creepers and get webbed by spiders.

Supply drops will be announced to all the players currently alive in the arena you're in with some general coordinates. When you find it, you'll see an Enderchest.

Chests refill themselves at the 5 minute remaining mark.

All maps except 1 will teleport you back to the Cornucopia for Sudden Death at the 2 minute remaining mark. On the one map that is the exception, a Kill Field will start to encase the Arena forcing you to move towards the center point. You can get trapped by this field in dead ends and traps and once it crushes you, you'll instantly die. Otherwise it will force your body to move in the same direction.

When certain player count conditions are met, certain epic and rare items have a chance of spawning. Including a compass which points you to the nearest player or a Stick of Locating which teleports you to the closest player. The conditions change per map.

After Death

When you die, you'll be teleported back to the arena to Spectate the remainder of the match.

After the Game

After the game, the winner will gain a bonus to their Currency Balance on the Vanilla Server.


We currently have 5 maps available with 3 more currently planned and being constructed.

  1. Resort
  2. Construction Site
  3. Sky World
  4. Country Ruins
  5. Maze Runner
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