My 2020 Anthem


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Jul 18, 2019
Hey there y'all!

So, I was going to post this at the very start of the year, but 10 days late is better than never!

"What exactly is your 2020 Anthem?" I hear you ask.

This song right here:
(Language Warning)

Work Song by Dan Reeler is a song that just resonated with me after I heard it for the first time, after having learned of its existance through Stephen Georg during one of his and his wife's Tuesday/Thursday Breakfast Streams. There's something about this song that just speaks to me and all of the work that I do to keep myself sane through video projects, finding a job, and going to college.

Dan Reeler's music is definitely not for anyone, but maybe give this song a couple of seconds of your time!

See ya next post!