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Jul 16, 2019
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Some quick FAQ's here:

Q: Which Version do I need to use to connect?
A: To Connect to the HUB which is the entrance to the entire network, you must be on version 1.8.1 at the very least. However connecting with anything between 1.8.x to 1.13.x will get you into the Susan Museum server (Old StephenCraft) only. Connecting with a 1.14.x Client will grant you access to the Vanilla Coop Survival and Creative Server as well as the Susan Museum. Connecting with a Forge 1.12.2 Client with the Infinity Island Mod Pack installed will ONLY grant you access to the Modded Server (Not Currently Accessible to the Public).

Q: Are certain Mods like a Minimap, Optifine or MouseTweaks/InventoryTweaks allowed?
Yes they are. Any mod that is only client side and does not provide any advantage over another player is allowed. If you are unsure about a mod, please contact a member of the staff via a PM on Discord or on these Forums.