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The Discord Rules:

1) No Harassment of any kind. This includes, but is not limited to, Language meant to insult or degrade such as slurs based on race, sex, gender expression, gender identity, sexual orientation, or religion. Threats of any type are included in this, either virtual, physical or emotional. Swearing is allowed in moderation and can not be directed at another user, individual or group of persons. Harassment also includes the use of commands on the server to annoy other users.

2) Moderators and Administrators have the only, and final, say in staff related decisions (not all users labelled as a Staff Member have staff related powers).

3) Reactions are enabled here and are regulated by all the rules listed here and the Discord Community Guidelines and Terms of Service. Do not spam Reactions to messages. External Emoji's are allowed to be used but are also regulated by the Community Guidelines of Discord, Mojang, Facebook, Twitter and the Forums.

4) Do Not ask to be promoted to a staff position, you'll be ignored for future positions if they open up.

5) The #media-promotions channel is strictly for content creators who have gained permission to post about their content on Twitch or YouTube. In relation, recording/streaming ANYTHING on this server network requires permission from Link or Chase and at least one other administrator. If you are found to be recording on this network without permission, you will be immediately banned. If someone is under the Live or On Air roles, do not spam or pester them to join them in the recording or voice channel they are in. Ask once, politely, and get a staff member to assist in moving you from channel to channel if required.

6) Posting about personal issues is allowed but if they are deemed to be self depreciating or something similar (included but not limited to self harm), you will be asked to stop posting such messages and encouraged to find professional help from either a licensed therapist or counselor. Mental Health is a big issue, one that we do not take lightly. No one here is qualified to help out in such a capacity and we will not do so.

7) All Bugs and Glitches are to be reported to any staff member. Anyone found to be abusing such a bug or glitch, will be either temporarily banned or permanently banned depending on the severity.

8) All Voice channels will be held to the same standards as all text channels in accordance with these rules. Private discussions made in Private Messages or between Private calls are only held to the Discord Community Guidelines and Terms of Service, not the complete list of Infinity's Rules.

9) Bots - Anyone found to be abusing Rythm bot and playing inappropriate media will be dealt with according to severity. Mirai and Nadeko bots are strictly for moderation and server management and should not be accessible to anyone but certain staff members.

10) All of these rules must be adhered to as well on the Minecraft server since they are linked by the Islander bot.

11) Our Facebook Page and Twitter Page are regulated by these same rules as well as their own community guidelines as posted on their help sections.

12) Do NOT bring outside drama from another Community, Discord Server or other such places here. Failure to comply with this will result in an immediate temporary ban of a minimum of 3 days.

13) Using Better Discord is allowed, as are the Themes and Plugins available to Better Discord Users. However, you are not allowed to use plugins that alter how you view the server or use plugins that allow you to modify server settings (even if its just client side). If you are unsure about using a plugin, please contact Luke or Ruby.

Banned Topics of Public Discussion: Politics, Religion, Server Network Reprimands.
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