Bug Fix Change Vanilla Bug squashing and New Donator Perk


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Jul 16, 2019
South Carolina, USA
Hello everyone and Good afternoon! o/ This me the herder of cats here to tell of a couple of bug fixes as well as a new perk for basic donator and above! First things first. Bug squishessssssss.

There has been a bug around for a while that causes issues when in the creative world that causes glitches if you use an invis potion of any kind in creative world and then go back to survival. To fix this issue I have went with a slightly weird repair and I have just disallowed the use of any invis in the the creative world.

Next bug squishy...

This is a little bit of an old squish but i havent posted about it yet. The vanilla server will no longer double afk you (announce your afk no longer afk twice) this was a conflict with the sleeping plugin that was on the server. I have made the required adjustments and now should no longer cause any issues for you.

Now for the new perk! So any donation level, so 5 dollars up, will net you the new harvest master perk. The harvest master perk allows you to right click to harvest your plants without breaking them. Just right click! No special tools needed no commands, just right click! Thats is all for now for this round of fixes but stay tuned for more changes and upgrades to be made!